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Sara Elizabeth's Journal

Sara Elizabeth.

I am twenty-one years old. I am married to a wonderful man named Jon. We live in a small-ish town with three dogs, a cat, and two chickens. I am currently attending college and majoring in Computer Information Systems, however I am going to change that to Sociology. I think I want to be a social worker. I love reading, writing, drinking tea, baking, music, my animals, my husband, and so much more.
I am addicted to the following: Twilight, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, Pretty Little Liars, Miley Cyrus, Supernatural, Taylor Swift, Cassie Steele, Alexz Johnson, Instant Star, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed, Firefly, Vampire Academy, Sailor Moon, Marmalade Boy, Absolute Boyfriend, The Sims.
My journal is about my life. It has pictures, so if you don't like a lot of pictures, don't bother adding me. I'm very personal in it, although I don't talk a lot about personal TMI things like sex. I do talk about my health and my emotional problems, as they are a big part of my life. I suffer from Lupus, Scleroderma, anxiety, depression, Epilepsy, and a few others. I also love making graphics so I may promote those sometimes as well, but rarely. I talk about my Christian beliefs, but not in a preachy way, and I don't judge others.
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