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Go to church and do up the lyrics on the screen. Hopefully someone else will be up there to play them; I'm not in the mood...but I'm the only one who knows how to work it on the new Mac, so it will probably be me.  Meh.

Come home and exercise :]

Do more Psychology HW and Philosophy HW.

Ummmm.....get everything ready for our giveaway @  (go there if you like books)

and practice guitar all night long. Yes, I need to do that. SHIT. Too much homework, damn.

Calories thus far:

Matlo-Meal like stuff --- 120
Low Cal coffee with a dab of milk and Splenda: approx 30 cal (for the milk)

I plan on soup or an apple with something else for lunch....then we're  having FRESHLY CAUGHT fish for a healthy way, not deep fried like I'm craving, hahaha.
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So my tooth is horribly infected therefore making me run a fever. I've been popping medicine as much as safely possible to keep the fever and pain away. Last night it was so bad that when I slept I had these weird dreams that I was in the Hunger Games and I kept dying. I literally had the same dream everytime I dozed off then I woke up all disturbed. So, sorry for not reading you're journals. I haven't been on. I've been feeling awful the past few days.
AIW: Sense

209: dreams of last night

there was a terrorist attack going on, in my first dream, and jon took the kids but left me and i think it was my sister, but im not sure.....and he was coming back to get us, and we were at this building / park place.....jon came back and was calling for me, and i was telling him 'we're right here. im here' but he didnt hear me, nor did he see me...and i realized me and the other girl had died. i was so sad, not because i died, but because jon couldn't hear me. i couldn't talk to him anymore. then i DREAMT that i woke up, and it was SO REAL....cause i realized it was a dream and this happenned about 4 or 5 times....i'd force myself awake only to be lucid dreaming, i guess.....where i called Jon to tell him about my dream, but in the dream-call i couldn't get ahold of him still. finally it took a lot of energy but i actually got my eyes to open; it was like sleep paralysis tho i couldn't open my eyes it was so hard! i texted jon cause i figured he was sleeping, cause even my dream self needed to tell him about this stuff.

second dream.....okay at the apartments we lived in this mexican family lived there too. one of the guys who abused his wife is julio.... well, i had a dream that he and his dad saw me getting dressed...and julio was like so turned on by myb ody???? lol. that he decided to rape me in the hurt really bad, then he accidentally slipped into the v-jj area, and i liked it. and then he wasn't raping me anymore, but we were having sex........................................

i told jon i had a dream he raped me, i left out the part or rather lied about the sex part. its so gross. julio is a disgusting guy who beats on women. no thankyou. if i were to cheat.....well i wouldn't, but if i were, it wouldn't be with him. thats for sure.

third dream......we're on this road and its really high up and theres no railing. like the cajon pass but thinner and without rails....jons driving to fast, but we make it thru fine the first round. then i tell him to slow down the second round and the kids are with us, but before he can ask why or do anything we're falling off and its a long fall like alice in wonderland, so as we're falling jon says hes sorry that we're about to die....and i tell him its okay, i just want to kiss him before we do die......and after awhile we land safely i n town close to the local market............................

idk if its meds, stress, or a combination.........but ive had some strange ass dreams lately.
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todays must accomplish

final home inspection,
read at least one chapter in religious studies textbook and do discussion board post.
start working on my research paper; start with christian gender roles. ps does anyone have the ebook a god who hates by wafa sultan?
read chapter 3 sociology, listen to obama's speech. do essay post
read the alchemist for psych,

no way i can accomplish all that today. sigh.
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Food/Diet: Diet

160; craving

Back on the diet, and my owie is healed so I can exercise. I worked out for over an hour, but not as long as I wanted. I wanted to do yoga and some other things, but Jon was playing his game in the living room - about the only place with room to exercise -, and its quite a distraction and annoyance. Nonetheless, I burned cals :)

I bought low cal drinks today, and greek honey yogurt, sushi, and more soups. Can you believe 4 sushi rolls is 200 cals? Crazy. But totally worth it; I miss it. And I bought more Skinny Cow goodies.

I made mini gyros last night. Totally yummy.

Jon had to work last night, so I played the Sims 3. I just got done playing it again; so addictive.

Tomorrow we get the kids for the weekend, and I guess Jon is making burgers. I'll have mine without a bun and all the stuff, just the blue cheese on top. He'll hate me for it, but I gotta do good. I haven't had real coffee with creamer in ages it seems. I mean I have that god awful splenda stuff, but yeah. I am truly trying, with the exception of my cheating moments, which were in connection with my owie. I bought a nice big burger and fries and soda that day, lol. Well, Jon bought it, lol.

Saturday night, we'll all make little pizzas. That'll be my cheat-ish thing of the week, but I'll have so few cals with soup it wont make me go over my cal limit. I thought it'd be fun for the kids to make their own pizzas, and Jon agreed that we can do it!

I just realized all I've talked about is food. Probably because I'm hungry...... sorry!
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Did livejournal charge anyone else less? They charged me like almost 2 dollars less, and I've no idea why. Is it cause of whats been going on? I didn't know I was affected by it, though....

Anyway, today has been lovely thus far. (I say that as if a comet will come crashing down to ruin my moment. Althoug one should come crashing down on Rebecca Black and ruin what she thinks is her moment.) The good news: Jon got the death certificate & the money out of his dad's account, so while he was waiting on that I was at Annabell's salon and got my eyebrows waxed and my hair cut. It's not shorter or anything, just layed and I have bangs once more. I wanted to do all these crazy hairstyles, like I picked out this anime looking one and Annabell was like "uh, no, sara. I refuse to do that to you" so I gave her free reign to do as she wills to my hair and it came out lovely. I'll post pictures asap!

Then we went to go check the mail, and guess what? One does indeed get paid for summer semester with financial aid (why did all those people tell me no???) AND I got paid full time, so it was approx 1300 dollars, which half or so will go towards books since the next semesters check doesn't come until a month after it starts. It's so ridiculous the dates of disbursment. Anyway, I got these nice fitting exercise clothes with boob support, which is much needed. And then at Super Target I got Shiver and the first in the immortal series. I wanted to buy the Gemma Doyle trilogy because I desperately NEED to own it, instead of reading the ebook and checking it out often from the library....but I still have money left to play with ;) 

I worked out today. I danced a lot and did some aerobics and yoga and gazelle. I'm sticking to the diet marvelously...Oh, and I fit into my shorts once more. Which is good cause I totally needed a pair. Before they wouldn't even button! So I think the 10lbs I lost is like in my tummy. I had to change meal plans for tomorrow because the kids are here and Jonathan does not like shrimp, so I'm making this skillet baked chicken thingy on yoplait's site..I'll make brocolli for the veggies.....and then I'll just give the kids mashed potatoes to make it a fuller meal for them, but I'll pass on the yummies.

Now back to books: Shiver is wickedly awesome so far. I am totally digging the story. I want to be injected with caffeine so I can stay up all night to read it. 

ps. I have a book addiction
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